Elizabeth Joy Fazio, MA, PSY.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY.D., Founder & Clinical Director
Dr. Elizabeth Fazio is a licensed clinical psychologist with training in hospitals, schools and private outpatient clinics. She has been caring for clients since 2002 and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She works with children, adolescents, adults and couples for individual, group and family therapy. Dr. Fazio also provides parenting support and offers various groups for children and adolescents that focus on social skills and self-esteem.

“As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I work with people to not only relieve symptoms, but to restore balance, facilitate healthy changes, and enhance overall quality of life. This process will help you learn more about yourself, develop new patterns in your life, and improve the way you feel and interact with others. My hope for everyone I connect with is to learn to feel less stress and more joy.”

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Fazio, PSY.D.


The licensed clinicians at GGPA work together to help ensure collaborative teamwork and excellent communication, bringing you the best possible experience.

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