Karen Hild

Licensed Professional Counselor
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who enjoys helping those who want to better understand themselves, learn about change and acceptance, and want to implement new tools in their life to help overcome uncomfortable situations. Fear, lack of support and direction, or uncertainties can sometimes hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Encouraging clients to embrace their vulnerability allows us to venture through insightful thoughts and break through emotional roadblocks to help better understand themselves and the people around them.

I know from personal experiences that life can be messy, chaotic, and sometimes overall difficult and can shadow the joy, laughter, and happiness that we all deserve. I also know from personal experiences that strength, empathy, and a supportive circle will guide you down a clearer path. My place in your journey is not to paint signs of arrows for you to follow, rather it is to stand beside you, walk with you, and share life tools that will help us find your path together.

I specialize in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD), General Mood Disorders, Grief, Life Transitions, Women’s issues, People recovering from Addictions, Family Members of people recovering from Addictions and Effects of Stress. I am here for you.


The licensed clinicians at GGPA work together to help ensure collaborative teamwork and excellent communication, bringing you the best possible experience.

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