Sara Levi, MA, LCPC, PEL

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional Educator in School Counseling
My clinical work has focused on supporting youth, young adults, adults, families, and couples through the challenging moments in their lives. It can truly be difficult to find balance during life transitions, career and relational stress, loneliness, uncertainty, or managing after trauma, abuse, or losses. I respect the courage it takes to seek support and consider changes that can bring us to solid ground, and finding peace and joy. I help clients identify and leverage their strengths to grow in areas they are seeking development and peace. This comes from a place of respect, empathy, and desire to create a space where individuals feel safe and heard. I welcome clients who may be interested in incorporating their spiritual beliefs into their therapeutic process. I am an ally to those wanting to process and embrace their unique ethnic, racial, sexual, or gender identity and seeking empowered living.

I incorporate a range of therapeutic modalities based on the presenting symptoms and needs, including: cognitive behavioral tools, mindfulness, building coping skills and relaxation techniques, family of origin insights, and processing trauma and loss.

I have additional specific experience in supporting those who have been impacted by prior suicide attempts, and family members and friends who have survived the suicide of another.

I have 18+ years of experience working with youth, young adults, and parents who are trying to find a workable path to feeling better through times of struggle and moments of escalating differences. I like working individually with youth and parents, or in collaboration, to find respectful middle ground that leaves all parties feeling empowered and builds understanding. I am passionate about supporting kids and young adults to grow as individuals. Parents sometimes benefit from having a supportive outlet for short term steps toward the long term goal of their child’s growth and safe development toward independence.

I am also a licensed professional educator in school counseling with experience in the K-12 and college settings. Consultation and problem solving can be incorporated for challenges related to the school setting, finding and maintaining motivation, tools for managing different learning needs, and the unique academic and social stressors of being a student (or a family member supporting a student.) I am also able to incorporate supportive coaching for young adults and adults considering their career path and adjustments affiliated with this.


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